German students attending the Chefket Concert in Whelan’s Weford Street on Friday 14th October 2016




The Goethe-Institut Ireland proudly presents Chefket in Dublin

‘Ich bin Rap, ich bin Soul, ich bin Jazz, Rock & Roll‘. The first single of Chefket’s album Nachtmensch is called Rap & Soul. Chefket shows which artists have inspired him, his songs and his style of rapping and singing: Eric Burdon, Otis Redding and Aaron Neville as well as Nas, De La Soul, Mos Def or Ice T – the rap elite and the who is who of soul. Even though there is as much rap as there is soul on his single, the foundation of his sound remains hip hop. ‚That´s the only music style that combines all elements.‘ says Chefket. ‘This openness in regard to all other genres is unique and making me happy time and again.’

In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Chefket is touring North West Europe with stops in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Cardiff, Glasgow, Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm. The concerts offer a very special access to the German language and culture and are a great motivation for language learners.

The concert is offered free of charge to secondary schools and university students. If you are interested in bringing your school class to the rapper’s concert in Whelan’s, Opium Rooms, in Dublin please get tickets at eventbrite

Corresponding teaching resources for use in your German class are available here:

For some song samples and music videos please visit the official Chefket website.


German Cultural Activities

German Movie in the IFI

weil-ich-schoner-binOur latest trip to the Irish Film Institute brought all TY students of German attended the German movie “ weil ich schöner bin”.This film by Frieder Schlaich, told the story of a 13-year-old immigrant girl struggling to remain in Germany in spite of her mother’s deportation.Watching a film through the medium of German gives you the opportunity to listen to real conversations by native speakers and hear the way they interact in real life situations. It also leaves you with a very rich feel for the German language and culture.We are looking forward to our next trip to the IFI with TYs to see “ About a Girl “ (Charleen macht Schluss) on March 28th 2016   


German Breakfast – 2nd Yearsgerman-breakfast2german-breakfast

On April 21st, all 2nd year students of German enjoyed a traditional German breakfast in class. To whet their appetite, there were typical German sausages, meatballs, meatloaf, salami, ham and cheese. Alongside there was a selection of Pretzels and bread rolls, served with Nutella. The girls also enjoyed a chat “auf Deutsch” over a glass of fresh orange juice!


Our brandenburg-gatelast German and History trip brought us to the fascinating and vibrant German capital city Berlin in December 2014. Sixty three students and their six teachers embarked on a four day adventure of this historical and cultural city. Excursions included a visit to Sachsenhausen Concentration camp, the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, a nuclear bomb shelter and the Sanssouci Palace (Potsdam) Other exciting activities involved bowling, ice-skating and a shopping trip to the world renowned Christmas markets. This was a fantastic opportunity for students to immerse themselves in German culture, history and language.

The Brandenburg Gate – Berlin


FrenchFrench Club
French club takes place every Thursday at lunch time. Japanese




Another initiative in St. Mary’s  is Japanese for 5th and 6th year students which takes place after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 2 hours.

The students study Japanese for the Leaving Cert and we have had excellent results to date.