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In the month of June almost forty new users joined our app - we welcome those users who have recently downloaded it and we hope you enjoy all the unique features of the app!

Booklists for 2019 - 2020

The following school website link accessible at https://www.stmaryshfcglasnevin.com/book-lists-2019-2020/ will bring you to our booklists for 2019 - 2020. Please double check our booklists to ensure that the correct textbooks and textbook editions are purchased at our Second Hand Booksale this evening Tuesday 25th June from 6-7.30pm in the Gym or at our Bookhaven Booksale on Friday 16th August from 10 - 12.30pm in the Gym. Incoming First Year students are asked to note that due to the introduction of new Junior Cycle programmes there may not be a large number of First Year books available second hand. Please feel free to come along to see what's available.

Bookhaven Booksale - Friday 16th August 10 - 12.30pm

Bookhaven will be selling textbooks in the Gym on Friday 16th August from 10 - 12.30pm. The following link https://www.stmaryshfcglasnevin.com/book-lists-2019-2020/ on our school website gives access to the Booklists for each of the year groups.

Final Reminder: Annual Second Hand Book and Uniform Sale - Today Tuesday 25th June 6-7.30pm!

Final Reminder: The second hand book and uniform sale will take place in the Gym this evening Tuesday 25th June from 6 - 7.30pm. See details in attached PDF below! https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/8173_20190625153111.pdf

Final Reminder: Books and Uniform Donations - Today 3 - 5.30pm

Books and Uniforms can be dropped into the Gym today Tuesday 25th June from 3 - 5.30pm. We thank you in advance for donating books and uniforms. We are also delighted to sell your books on your behalf - drop into the Gym this afternoon for more details. A big Thank You to the Parent's School Association for organising this annual event!

Parent/Guardian Information Evenings 2019 – 2020

We urge all parents/guardians to keep the following important date(s) in your diary and we look forward to welcoming you to the scheduled meeting(s) for your daughter(s) as outlined below. 1st Year and 2nd Year Meeting for Parents/Guardians on Monday 26th August 2019 (7.30 - 8.30pm in the Choir Hall) 3rd Year and 4th Year Meeting for Parents/Guardians on Tuesday 27th August 2019 (7.30 - 8.30pm in the Choir Hall) 5th Year and 6th Year Meeting for Parents/Guardians on Wednesday 28th August 2019 (7.30 - 8.30pm in the Choir Hall) Please ensure that you as parents/guardians have downloaded the St Mary’s School App onto your phone. A reminder will be sent as an App notification closer to the time of these important meetings. https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/6866_20190620145445.pdf

Details of School Uniform

Dear Parents/Guardians, the details pertaining to items of school uniform and where they can be purchased are contained in the PDF below https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/2302_20190620125124.pdf

Student Summer Exams Report

Dear Parents/Guardians, you are now able to view your daughter's Summer report online on VSWare using your current username and password. Please ring reception if you have any queries regarding same. A copy of your daughter's summer report, our detailed Summer Newsletter, School Calendar, Return Dates for the Academic Year 2019-2020, Booklists as well as details of our Second Hand Book and Uniform Sale will be forwarded to you in the post before Monday of next week. Please note there is a notification on our school app which will link you to the booklist for each year group and the booklists are also accessible on our school website at the following link https://www.stmaryshfcglasnevin.com/booklists-2018-2019/

Final Reminder - Attention Third and Sixth Year Students - Book and Uniform Donations

We thank the many students who have donated books to the school already. We would like to remind exam students and their parents that all books, uniform, school tracksuit and school jacket will be gratefully received and can be dropped into the school at any time or on Tuesday 25th June from 3-5.30pm. Remember, your good deed will be appreciated by other members of our school community. We can also sell books on your behalf at our book sale which will take place in the Gym on Tuesday 25th June from 6-7.30pm.

Last Call - Locker Clear-out!

Thanks to the many students who have brought home their books and coats for the summer. A reminder to students that all lockers have to be cleared out before the end of June. If your daughter has left some books in her locker can you remind her to come to the school before Thursday of this week to collect same preferably from 12.30 - 1.30pm. Any queries, please contact the school.

Junior Students at local Summer Soccer Camp

Four junior students participated in an Inter Milan Summer Soccer camp in Ballymun United football grounds last week. Congrats to the participants Shaunagh and Saoirse Delaney, Kate Watson and Niamh Dunne. Watch out in your local area for upcoming Sports Camps for secondary school students!

Second Hand Book and Uniform Sale - Tuesday 25th June in the Gym from 6-7.30pm

Thanks to the Parent's School Association for organising the annual Second Hand Book and Uniform Sale which will take place in the Gym from 6-7.30pm on Tuesday 25th June. The booklists for the current academic year are on the school website and can be accessed via the following link: https://www.stmaryshfcglasnevin.com/book-lists-2019-2020/

Exams Students to be in Exam Centre 15 Minutes Prior to the Commencement of the Exam

A reminder to all exam students that they should be in the exam centre 15 minutes prior to the commencement of their Exam. Best of luck to all students for their remaining exams.

Uniform and Book Donations

We would like to remind exam students/parents that all books/uniform/school tracksuit/school jacket can be donated to the school at any time or on Tuesday 25th June from 3-5pm.

Reminder: Calculator/Maths Set/Ruler for Maths and Science Exams!

A reminder to all students to put their calculator, maths set and ruler in their bag for their Maths and Science exams tomorrow. The school has no spare supplies. We wish all Junior students well in both of these exams and also to the Leaving Cert students who will have Maths Paper two in the morning and who will be sitting their Irish Paper which includes the aural exam tomorrow afternoon.

Photos Taken by The School Photographer for the Academic Year 2018 - 2019

Many photos were taken recently by the school photographer which included photos of all the sports teams and extra-curricular teams, first year class groups as well a photo of the TY year group and sixth year group. A 'BIG THANK YOU' to the many teachers who gave of their team so generously to train teams and/or to facilitate extra-curricular activities. All 47 images can be viewed in the gallery below!

Conduct of Candidates During Examinations

Please click on the following link if you are an exam student https://www.examinations.ie/index.php?l=en&mc=ca&sc=gy It details the expected conduct of candidates during state exams.

Leaving Cert Candidate Information Booklet 2019

The purpose of this booklet is to answer questions most frequently asked by candidates and parents about the Leaving Certificate examination. It tells you what you need to know and do during the examination. It also explains the results process as well as how to view your scripts and how to appeal a result. We hope that you find this booklet useful. If you have any more questions about the Leaving Certificate please contact info@examinations.ie and the phone number is 090‐6442700. There are also specific e‐mail addresses and phone numbers included in this booklet depending on the service you require. One can also write to the State Examinations Commission (SEC), Cornamaddy, Athlone, Co Westmeath N37 TP65. You can also find out more information on the website www.examinations.ie For reasons of candidate wellbeing, the 2019 Leaving Certificate written examination timetable has been extended beyond the traditional 13 day window. The new extended timetable has been designed to alleviate pressure on candidates by eliminating subject clashes as much as possible. There has been a very particular focus on ensuring that there is only a minimal chance that a candidate will have to take three examinations on one day. However, not all clashes have been eliminated and there is still a possibility that you may, because of your particular subject choices, have to sit three examinations in one day. This year, some subjects will be marked using an Online Marking System. This involves scripts being scanned, converted to digital images, and being marked by examiners using special designed software. The details are provided on page 9 of the attached PDF document. https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/8937_20190605083644.pdf

Junior Cert Examination Timetable 2019


Leaving Cert Examination Timetable 2019

The Leaving Cert timetable is detailed in the PDF below. Also, please note additional notes pertaining to the Politics and Society exam as well as to the Japanese exam can be accessed via the following link: https://www.examinations.ie/?l=en&mc=ex&sc=tt https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/1826_20190604220358.pdf

Slovenia Trip

We ask parents/guardians to read important letter below if your daughter is going on the Slovenia Trip from the 26th September to the 30th September 2019. https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/3906_20190604160633.pdf

A Student's Prayer

Thank You to the Sport Mentors!

Thank you to the Sports mentors who have helped with the First Year Afterschool Sports, organisation of Sports Day and sport events throughout the school year. Thanks to Ms Bunnett, Ms Boran and to Ms Considine who guided them throughout the year.

Examiner Attendants Meeting

All Fifth Year exam attendants are expected to be in school tomorrow Tuesday 4th June at 9am for meeting with Mr Farrell in St Mary's Kitchen.

Final Reminder - Mass for Exam Students This Evening at 6.30pm

There will be a mass in Taizé style for those preparing for state exams in Our Lady of Dolours Church, Glasnevin at 6.30pm this evening Sunday 2nd June. All students and their parents/guardians are most welcome to attend and in particular those students who are sitting exams.

View the Creative Arts videos from the Endless Chase Production link!

The Endless Chase was performed in the Axis Theatre on 8th and 9th April. This year our TY students, facilitated by their Creative Arts teachers and Taking Flight created this unique and innovative production. It is a retelling of the Irish myth of Gráinne & Diarmuid. The show involved student-led and student-designed dance, acting, music, costumes, sound and lighting. A unique element of the show as you will see in the videos below was aerial acrobatics. A group of TY students and two of their teachers were given the opportunity to train with Shane Holohan from Taking Flight in Phibsboro during the weeks leading up to the show. On the nights, our students shared the performance space with Trinity Comprehensive School Ballymun, who also performed their own production. You can see the amazing results of this collaboration in the videos below which are accessible via the following link on the school website https://www.stmaryshfcglasnevin.com/creative-arts-project-the-endless-chase-videos/

An Amazing Opportunity to do Summer Science Course from the 24th June to 27th June in UCD!

Fighting Blindness and UCD Science, School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science, are hosting a summer school for TY and 5th Year students from the 24th to the 27th June 2019. This summer school is based on a similar event that was very successful in 2016, 2017 & 2018. This is an excellent opportunity for students to experience university life while receiving hands-on laboratory experience. You can get more information about the event by following the link: https://www.myucd.ie/visiting-ucd/events/ucd-inherited-blindness-summer-school/ Please see poster below for more information. Please note that places are limited so early registration is advised. Best of Luck!

Table Tennis and Tennis Team

Thanks to the mentors Mr O'Connell and Ms Lennon who have coached tennis this term and also to Ms Conkey and Ms O'Doherty who have demonstrated table tennis skills to some of our Junior students!

Sport Personalities of the Year 2019

Well deserved congratulations to both Megan and Jade Kelly on being presented with the title of Sports Personalities for Sixth Year. Both students have contributed to many sporting events and have been key players in many of the games and sports that they have played. Such worthy recipients to have received this award!

Sports Day Gallery

Sports Day was a great success on Friday 17th May. Weather wise it could have been better but spirit wise it was brilliant. We could not have asked for better team spirit as our students participated in all the station events from novelty games to recreation to team events. At 12.30pm the PE department hosted the awards ceremony in the Gym and welcomed special guest Lindsay Peat. Lindsay is an all round sportswoman who represents Ireland in Women's Rugby but has also played for the Republic of Ireland football team, captained the Ireland's women's national Basketball team and played Senior Ladies' Gaelic football for Dublin. Lindsay presented an array of medals to different team members including Basketball, Camogie and Volleyball teams! The day ended for Sixth Years with a teacher versus student event on the astro! Thanks to all students for their positive participation in the day and to the Parent's School Association for organising the annual wheel of fortune event! See photos of Sports Day in gallery below!

Mass for Exam Students - Sunday 2nd June in Mother of Dolours Church

There will be a mass in Taizé style for those preparing for state exams in Our Lady of Dolours Church, Glasnevin at 6.30pm next Sunday 2nd June. All students and their parents/guardians are most welcome to attend and in particular those students who are sitting exams.

Third Year Students Finish Classes at 1.10pm Tomorrow Tuesday 28th May

Classes will finish at 1.10pm tomorrow Tuesday 28th May for all Third Year students.

Supervised Study

Supervised Study will take place for the last time this year from 4.10 - 6.10pm in Room 31.

T,Y. Graduation - an exciting end to an exciting year!

On Wednesday our T.Y's graduated with an awards ceremony. It was a great evening for students to showcase all the wonderful highlights of the year, including trips, leisure studies and new modules. A big thank you to Ms. Shanahan for all her hard work all year organising the many, many trips and activities. Also to their year head Ms. Griffin for all her hard work, not only this year but her care and guidance since first year. Well done to all students for their energetic end to the evening with a great rendition of an ABBA classic and to the students who were awarded with co-operation achievements also. Special mention to Sarah Pollard for winning the Spirit of TY award.

First Years 'Mile a Day' Challenge for the Month of May!

Congrats to all First Years who are all participating in their 'Mile a Day' Challenge for the month of May. The aim of this initiative is to improve students physical fitness and in particular their stamina. Students finish lessons at 1pm (before lunch begins at 1.10pm) and walk for ten minutes completing two laps of a beautiful designated school track. Students' fitness levels will be tested as to date they have approximately 15 extra miles walked compared with the amount of walking they did in school in the month of April! Thanks to the First Year teachers who accompany the students each day and well done to all First Years. Your enthusiasm and delight in going for the walk each day is palpable!

Fifth Year Summer Exams Timetable 2019

The Fifth Year Summer Exams Timetable is contained in the PDF below. https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/3757_20190522223106.pdf

First Year Summer Exams Timetable 2019

The First Year Summer Exams Timetable is contained in the PDF below. https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/7880_20190522222915.pdf

Second Year Summer Exams Timetable 2019

The Second Year Summer Exams Timetable is contained in the PDF below. https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/2478_20190522223014.pdf

Biodiversity 'Serenity' Garden in Full Bloom!

Fifth Green School's Flag Presented to Green School's Committee

Biodiversity is the fifth Green schools theme and looks at steps which can be taken to increase awareness of the importance of native plants, animals and habitats, and to increase species-richness in a locality. Sanfra Shallot, Sofia Balog and Kate McManus accompanied Mr Montague to the Green Schools Award ceremony in the Helix today Wednesday 22nd May. They were presented with our fifth Green Schools flag for all their Biodiversity efforts including the creation of the Biodiversity Garden with the Holy Faith Garden Committee, the maintenance of our own sensory garden, cross-curricular endeavours, Green School's Week awareness activities, partnerships with local schools, TY's work during their 'conservation' module and student workshop with Bí Urban in Stoneybatter. Congrats to all involved on this wonderful achievement!

Coiste Gaelbhratach Awarded a Third Flag for the School!

Congrats to Ms Morgan, Ms O’Mahoney and Ms Lennon and the Coiste Gaelbhratach team who were awarded at a ceremony in Leopardstown yesterday Tuesday 21st May with our third Coiste Gaelbhratach flag! Bhí baill den Choiste Gaelbhratach i láthair ag searmanas inné chun an triú bhrathach don scoil a bhailiú. Bronnadh an bhratach ar an gCoiste de bharr an sár-iarracht atá déanta acu chun an Ghaeilge a chur chun cinn ar scoil.

TY Graduation in the Gym at 3.30pm - Tuesday 22nd May 2019

The Transition Year graduation will take place in the Gym at 3.30pm today Tuesday 22nd May 2019

Sixth Year Graduation - Tuesday 21st May

A reminder to all students that the Sixth Year graduation will take place tomorrow afternoon Tuesday 21st May at 4.30pm in the Gym. All students are expected to be in attendance 45 minutes prior to the graduation ceremony commencing. Congrats to Aoife Ure who designed the beautiful image for the theme of the graduation mass which is 'Time is free but the memories are priceless.' Thanks to Father Richard who will be celebrating the mass with us tomorrow afternoon. Thanks also to the members of the Parent's School Association who will be hosting refreshments for all parents/guardians, students and staff in the Choir Hall after the mass.

Sixth Year Annual Awards Ceremony - Monday 20th May

To facilitate our annual Sixth Year Awards Ceremony tomorrow afternoon Monday 20th May, classes for all other students will finish at 1.10pm. All parents/guardians have been sent a text regarding same.

PE Sports Award Ceremony

A reminder to parents, if available you are more than welcome to attend the annual Sports Award ceremony today at 12.30pm on the Tennis Courts (weather permitting) The whole school will gather on the tennis courts for the sports awards and we are delighted to have Lindsay Peat to present the awards. Lindsay is an all-round sportswoman who represents Ireland in Women's Rugby but has also played for the Republic of Ireland football team, captained the Ireland's women's national basketball team and played Senior Ladies' Gaelic football for Dublin.

Reminder: Musical Showcase from Across the Year Groups - Today Thursday 16th May 2019

As per the school calendar, the musical showcase will take place this evening in the Choir Hall from 7.30pm. Tickets can be purchased by students for €5 and by adults for €7. An uplifting night of entertainment is in store as it will be a celebration of all the great musical talent we have in St Mary’s. We will have great acts from across all year groups. https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/7325_20190516174212.pdf

Musical Showcase tonight!

The Music Department would like to invite you all to The Annual Musical Showcase 2019. It will take place tonight, Thursday 16th at 7:30pm in the choir hall. As we prepare to end our academic year, it will be a celebration of all the great musical talent we have in St.Mary’s. There will be great acts from across all year groups and is always a night not to be missed.

Students - Have you got your reading material in your bag for Drop Everything and Read Today?

Today at 12.30pm all students need to have reading material with them for their DEAR class. Students have been informed of this several times over the intercom. All students will be expected to have some reading material, which can range from books to magazines etc, and to engage with reading for the entire class. This is a great initiative in the lead into the Summer break as students could continue this activity in their free time. (I know, imagine that!)

TY Students win Three Awards in NFTE Bootcamp Inter-Schools Competition - Tuesday 14th May

Congrats to our TY students who won three awards at the Business Bootcamp final competition in Coláiste Eoin today. The company 'Detox' won Best Stand and Interview. The 'Smoothie Snacks' company won best written report and 'Easy Bags' company won most improved company! The students involved faced tough competition against students from neighbouring schools. Well done to all involved and thanks to Ms Walton and Ms Skelly who attended the event today.

St Mary's Presented with the 'Volunteering for All' Award - Tuesday 14th May

All the First Year and TY students attended the presentation ceremony in the Choir Hall today for the 'Volunteering for All' school award. The school extended a warm welcome to our local TD Deputy Noel Rock, and to localise representatives Derek, Harry and Seán. It was a day for celebration and recognition for the volunteering currently being undertaken by students in the school community. We are thankful to the Gaisce teachers who facilitated the workshops and to the TY students for developing this wonderful charter. The First Year students were encouraged to volunteer maybe helping out at home over the summer months or in the community and to reflect on the characteristics of this charter which will be on our website, app and Twitter page shortly and in the school journal next year. Remember, the last bullet point of our charter ‘As volunteers, we will do our best and encourage others to do their best too.’ The Charter and research carried out by the TY group really mirrored our school ethos and mission statement in that we are an inclusive school catering for a very diverse school population. We are firstly a very diverse school population as 89% of our students have family that lives in another country. Secondly, the act of volunteering is ‘directed to the growth of the whole person’. Like our mission statement, it aims to form an ‘integrated and self-reliant Christian people who are eager to build a better world.’ The school was delighted to see that students are engaged in many volunteering activities including helping out at school and at home, in their local church, volunteering with local charities and that over 20% of our student cohort, give of their time, to coach teams! We thank students for volunteering and ask them to remember, no act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted!