Important: Due to unforeseen water issues, school is closed tomorrow Wednesday 25th May. Update in afternoon. Students must study from home.

Final Reminder: School begins at 10.55am for all students today Tuesday 24th May to facilitate our annual Sixth Year Awards Ceremony.

We look forward to welcoming the parents of Sixth Year students to the Graduation this afternoon, Tuesday 24th May, at 4.30pm in the Gym.

1st Year Vaccinations 2nd dose HPV & MenACWY

The HSE asked the school to send the PDF below to all parents/guardians who have daughters in first and second year. https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/7179_20220518194220.pdf

Reminder: TY Parents/Guardians are cordially invited to the End of Year TY Celebration tomorrow Thursday 19th May at 3.30pm in the Gym.

Classes will finish at the earlier time of 2pm this Friday 20th May as a result of Sports Day Activities.


Congratulations to our first year students involved in our River Tolka JCT STE(A)M project, six of whom represented their classes from St Mary's at the 'STE(A)M in Action in Schools Sharing and Learning Event', held in Ballinasloe on April 28th. The event proved to be a great success, with much interest from all the JCT partners and Inspectorate, who were very impressed by the students multidisciplinary learning, evident in their ability to discuss what they each learned by engaging in this project across Science, Maths, Geography and Art, with a peer teaching opportunity devised through Green Schools in how to successfully complete the kick test to see what is living in our local river!

Rugby Update

Well done to the rugby team who completed their final training session of the year. Congratulations to all for their dedication every Tuesday this year and for developing their skills to such a high level. Thanks to Leinster Rugby especially Grainne who helped coach each week.

Fifth Year Summer 2022 Exam Timetable


Summer 2022 Exam Timetables - Junior Students

Please find the First and Second Year Summer 2022 Exam Timetable https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/8333_20220518120625.pdf https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/8738_20220518120633.pdf

Art Trip

Ms. Kavanagh's and Mr. Murphy's 5th year art classes enjoyed a sunny day on Monday visiting the National Museum, Kildare Street and the National Gallery, Merrion Square.

Reminder: Support your Team and your PE department! Wear your favourite Jersey!

Today, Wednesday 18th May, Students are asked to bring in €2 to help fundraise for the Sportlann and PE department. Show your support this Health and Wellbeing week, wear you GAA/Soccer/Rugby jersey.

Music Showcase - Best of Luck to all

Tonight, at a sold-out show, our students will display their wealth of musical abilities. Best of luck to all involved, especially the Music Department..

Jersey Day - Wednesday 18th May - €2 per Student

As part of our Health and Wellbeing Week, we are delighted to have this Wednesday as our Jersey Sports Fundraiser Day in the school. We are looking forward to the school being awash with colour as students will be donning their favourite GAA/Soccer/Rugby jersey of their local county or national team. Students are asked to bring in €2, please, and these monies raised from our jersey day will go towards the cost of buses for away matches and extra sports equipment for the Sportlann and PE classes. Thank You

Reminder: Sports Day Raffle next Friday 20th May

Mia Grange, Lana Nolan, Sarah Aboud and Kate McManus (5th year students) are volunteering to help with the Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes in September and are holding a raffle next Friday on Sports Day. All money raised is going towards the Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes. The winners will be announced during Sports Day next Friday, the 20th May, with other cash prizes including an One4All voucher, Hamper, Gym+ Coffee gear, and much more are up for grabs! You are welcome to purchase one or more tickets in the shop of the App to enter the draw! Parents/Guardians can opt-out of the payment if they don't wish to purchase tickets for the raffle.

Pop-Up Summer Fair - Tomorrow Friday 13th May 1.10 - 1.40pm on the Tennis Courts

There will be a TY pop-up Summer Business Bootcamp sale of items tomorrow, Friday 13th May from 1.10-1.40pm on the Tennis Courts. If you would like to treat yourself, there will be loads of goodies on sale tomorrow!

TY Europe Day Breakfast

Our TY students celebrated Europe Day with a delicious breakfast yesterday.

Margaret Aylward Open Day This Saturday 14th May

Open Day Saturday 14th 10am - 1pm Discover an oasis in the city, a space of peace and tranquillity on your doorstep Learn about the work we do and the centre activities including: Yoga, Somantics, Friday Morning Film Club, Pilates, Meditation, Rock-Painting, Reading Room, Biodiversity Garden, Ecology and Care for Creation, Adult Faith Developement. Experience a Mindful Walk of the grounds at 11.00am & 12 noon https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/3510_20220510145611.pdf

SciFest Winner 2022 - Energy Innovation Award

Congratulations to Mony Aramalla who won The Energy Innovation Award at Scifest in DCU on Friday 6th May. Mony's project 'Energy at our Fingertips, Pen Pressure Electricity Harvesting', looked at generating electricity from the pressure of writing with a pen or a pencil. We are all so proud of the work and success Mony has achieved.

TY Hoodies can be purchased through the shop on the School App!

To mark your TY Year in St Mary's, a bespoke St Mary's TY hoodie can be purchased using the shop on the App - what a lovely piece of clothing to have as a keepsake of the year! Parents may opt-out of the payment if they wish not to purchase the TY Hoodie.

Reminder: Re-Registration Forms and School Services Charge are due. Thank you for same. We kindly ask for the remaining forms.

Leaving Certificate Art Trip

As preparation for the leaving certificate art exam, our 6th year art students visited the Irish Museum of Archeology to view the Pre-Christian Irish exhibition and a variety of Irish and International exhibition in the National Gallery of Ireland.

Win €500 on Sports Day!

Mia Grange, Lana Nolan, Sarah Aboud and Kate McManus (5th year students) are volunteering to help with the Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes in September and are holding a raffle on Sports Day. All moneys raised is going towards the Dublin Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes. How to enter and win The four girls are handing out small brown envelopes Place €5 in the envelope Write your name, class group and phone number on the sealed envelope Hand it back to Mia Grange, Lana Nolan, Sarah Aboud or Kate McManus, Mr Farrell or your Tutor To enter more than once use a different envelope each time Parent(s) & Guardian(s) can enter the raffle as well, please write their name and number on the envelope The winners will be announced during Sports Day on Friday the 20th with other cash prizes, One4All voucher, Hamper, Gym+ Coffee gear and much more up for grab Go n-eirí an t-ádh leat

To facilitate the annual Sixth Year Awards Ceremony on Tuesday 24th May 8.55 - 10.55am, school for all other students will begin at 10.55am.

Free Engineering and Computing/ICT Summer Camps in DCU - Offered to Students in First/Second/Third Year/TY

DCU are delighted to inform you that the School of Computing and the School of Electronic Engineering at DCU are organising free computing/ICT summer camps for secondary school students, which will run in June/July 2022 on our DCU Glasnevin campus. They will have six camps in total, with each camp running for one week. These camps promise to be fun and engaging, with many prizes up for grabs! Who Can Apply? 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students in secondary schools are eligible to apply. These camps are suitable for students who are interested in problem solving, puzzles and have an interest in computers. In some instances, DCU may be able to accommodate 4th-year students. When will it run? DCU 's Engineering and Computing Summer camps will run from Monday to Friday from 9.30 am - 3.30 pm on the DCU Glasnevin campus: 13th June (Week 1) - 1st and 2nd Yrs - Female only 20th June (Week 2) - 1st and 2nd Yrs - Mixed gender 4th July (Week 3) - 3rd Years - Mixed gender Cost? Free of Charge Engineering Summer Camp This Summer camp will have a strong emphasis on hands-on activities and act as a taster session for students who may want to pursue a career in electronic and computer engineering. Topics include: ● Maker Electronics labs ● Robotics/Mechatronics ● Introduction to Python Programming ● Wearable computing and fashion ● Discovery and Disruptive Technology Computing Summer Camp In this camp, students learn how to program in Python, one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Students will be introduced to basic programming concepts. They will use interesting resources such as the Bebras challenges (from the Irish Computer Society) and Blockly while introducing the basic constructs of computer programming. It also equips students to go further with programming once the camp is over by showing them how to install Python on their home PCs/laptops, as well as showing them web resources to learn from and practice with. Next Steps? If you would like to participate, please reply via private message on TEAMS (to your Year Head) with the following details: · Your Name · Which week do you wish to participate (students from the same school do not have to choose the same week) Please inform your Year Head by Friday 13th May if you are interested in participating in this computing-based course at DCU?

Important Message for Third Years - Home Economics Practicals

Important!Third Years Home Economics Practicals Please note Mr Molloy's Class Groups have practical exams tomorrow and Thursday. Ms Martin's Class have practical exams on Friday. PLEASE LINK IN WITH YOUR HOME ECONOMICS TEACHER IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERIES. Both teachers have posted the rescheduled groups on TEAMS. I was in Mr Molloy's Class earlier, and students were informed three times about the new rescheduled groups. Please remember to bring in your ingredients, and best of luck in the Cookery Exams.

DCU open day - TY visit

Our TY students had an informative and workshop packed day in the Glasnevin Campus of DCU today at the return of the annual open day

First Year Leinster League Soccer Quarter Final 27th April 2022

St. Mary’s Naas 2-0 St. Mary’s Glasnevin Naas win the War of the Marys in bruising encounter with Glasnevin. This was not a match for the football purist but it was no less entertaining for it. What this game lacked in terms of technical quality it more than made it for with performances characterised by total commitment and physical intensity by both sets of players. The match began at a frantic pace immediately establishing a pattern of play that would endure until the final whistle: a lack of time afforded on the ball, with players collectively hunting down ball carriers in packs. This was Gegenpress football - in every area of the park! In a game of this nature, the first goal was always going to be vital, and the decisive breakthrough fell to Naas midway through the first half, a crisp shot from the edge of the box zipping into the far corner and giving the goalkeeper little chance. The remainder of the half played out without significant goalmouth incident as both teams competed vigorously for possession. Indeed, time and time again creative minded players on both sides, including Cherry Elliot and Saoirse Grehan of Glasnevin found themselves with little room to express their talent. Even the talismanic Jennifer Jose, while demonstrating sublime technique and balance, could not find the necessary space to impact the game decisively and was all too often double and treble-marked. This was simply the result of the nature of the tackling and brutal physicality on display in the centre of the park. If midfield is the stage whereupon the soccer maestro performs their art, the middle of the pitch today better resembled a mosh pit at a Slayer concert than it did Shakespeare’s proscenium arch. This was not so much Jurgen Klopp’s much vaunted ‘Heavy Metal Football’ rather Thrash Metal Football – with drums and base turned up to eleven! Maise Behan was superb on the day, pragmatically abandoning her normal libero classy creator-at-the-back approach for a no-nonsense, nuts and bolts style performance. Ably supported by Kali Gilmore, Kate Wynne and Dominika Osinska at the back, the forward line for Baldoyle knew early and regularly that they were ‘in a game’, to use soccer parlance. Time and time again Maise proved to be the proverbial rock whereupon the Nass attacks perished. And when the defence was breached, Chloe provided a master class in assured goalkeeping. The second half saw Glasnevin defence move higher up the pitch in an effort to assist their midfield and allow the girls to play. This resulted in a Glasnevin more regularly threatening the Naas goal, but alas, the equalising goal proved to be elusive. Ultimately, Naas made the game safe with a second strike with five minutes remaining on the clock, thus securing their place in next week’s semi-final. This was contest in which Glasnevin were outmatched in terms of size in comparison to their much larger opponents. Despite such physical disadvantage the girls compensated by drawing upon their vast reserves of self-belief and team spirit. When Naas tried to impose themselves upon the game, they responded with interest, running faster, tackling harder. Their spirit was epitomised by Emily Doyle. Perhaps channelling her inner-viking, a heritage suggested by her surname, she was both tenacious and fearless and gave everything to the Glasnevin cause. As did all the girls, not least Ava Leone and Lily Moore who ran tirelessly all afternoon. The Glasnevin girls left the field of play knowing that they left everything on the pitch. They may have lost this particularly match, but there will be other days.

Message from the Parents' Association

Dear Parents / Guardians, There will be a Parents' Association Meeting tomorrow, Thursday, at 8.00 in the school. New members are welcome. Kind regards, The Parents' Association https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/1180_20220427133432.pdf

School Closed this Friday 29th April

In light of the government's announcement of the additional bank holiday, the school was closed on March 18th to accommodate this new bank holiday. This Friday, April 29th, is a rescheduled date for the school closure on the school calendar.

Webinar for Parents from Pieta House/UCD


TY Oscar Day 2022

Congratulations to all TYs who participated in yesterdays TY Oscar Dar.

Lunchtime Dance off

Three groups of dancers took to the Choir Hall stage at lunchtime today. A packed hall was enthralled by their amazing performance. Thanks to Layla McVeigh (5 Hadid) for mentoring the groups! In addition, a group of first and second year students staged the opening number from the musical Hamilton. Such talent. Well done to everyone involved both in front of and behind the curtain. Photographs to follow......

TY Trip to Castlecomer - We expect ALL students to be present today and to submit their consent form in advance of going on the trip. Have a great day!

Leaving Cert Students: Sixth Year Orals and Music Practicals during the Easter Holidays

Your daughter's oral/practical exams during the Easter holidays occur in school. These are the official orals and practicals for your Leaving Certificate. Please check with your daughter regarding dates and times. Link in with the school regarding queries. Please note the following dates for Exams over Easter 1. Irish – Saturday 9th to 14th April 2. Spanish – Saturday 9th to 13th April 3. French – Monday 11th to Wednesday 13th April 4. German – Saturday 9th and 10th April 5. Japanese – Tuesday 12th of April 6. Chinese – Sunday 10th April at 12:00 7. Polish – Monday 11th April 8. Music – 11th and 12th of April Irish Exam – Examiner 1. 9th and 10th of April – Room 15 Irish Exam – Examiner 2. 9th to 14th of April – Room 13 Irish waiting room – Room 14 (For Irish, please know what examiner you have - your Irish teacher will be able to tell you) Spanish – Room 31. Waiting Room 35 French – Room 37. Waiting Room 36 German – Room 12. Waiting Room 16 Polish – Boardroom Japanese – Boardroom Chinese Mandarin – Boardroom

Parent Association - New Members Welcome

Dear Parents, We would love new members for the Parents Association. Please see details attached. https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/3265_20220407135815.pdf https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/7218_20220407135820.pdf

Thinking of a career in Teaching?!

The Hub project is an initiative between DCU Educational Disadvantage Centre and Dublin Northwest Partnership. Funding through Higher Education Authority the aim of the project is to encourage, support and succeed leaving cert who may be considering or are interested in teaching as a career. To support students, the Hub offers a range of supports including academic grinds classes; information sessions on financial supports for third level students; events on teaching as a career and study skills sessions. 4th, 5th and 6th year students from St. Marys HFC are more than welcome along to classes. Please find list of available classes below. Although the H4 isn’t a requirement for most post primary courses we do encourage and try our best to ensure all participants keep up the Higher Irish and maintain the H4 in the event they may want to study a Bachelor of Education for Primary school teaching in the future. To sign up participants are required to complete an online application form through Microsoft teams. Please find application link below: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=flKiehkMFUqO-vzMTU_HA3Ay_HBX1jJAspyJ_-v1_QJUMzdTUzU2M1VTSjg3MFlSWFZKME5TVFhYVS4u Fill | Finglas Community Lifelong Learning Hub Registration Form 2021/2022 Please note Hub participants who are 18 years or over are also required to register with Dublin Northwest Partnership. Registration with DNP can be arranged once participants over 18 have completed Hub registration form. forms.office.com

After School Study - April/ May for 5th & 6th Years


Second year German Breakfast

The 2nd year German students enjoyed this morning's class getting to try out the different elements of a Deutsches Frühstück

St Mary’s Host a Back to Hockey Blitz!

We were delighted to have been able to re-start our hockey clubs again in St Mary’s. Our first and second year teams were delighted to host a Tournament Blitz against Manor House, Raheny on our fantastic Astro pitch, on Monday 4th April. We had 3 Teams competing in the tournament and the students enjoyed taking part in the competitive games. There was a great display of hockey skills even despite the season being disrupted with the pandemic. It was a steep learning curve of hockey for many students who haven’t played sport and learning a lot of life skills also! Being prepared for the game, warming up, gamesmanship, etiquette, respect and above all sweating and smiling and having fun! We won some games and scored some goals and the students thoroughly enjoyed the day representing St Mary’s! A big thank you to the team of six TY Hockey helpers, Holly, Niamh, Abbie, Taylor, Rebecca and Chloe who helped on the day and displayed fantastic leadership qualities. There are currently 30 first and second year students playing hockey which is fantastic to see! The students are very eager to catch-up on learning more hockey skills in the future. All are welcome to join St Mary’s hockey club and after a difficult few years with Covid, we look forward to rebuilding St Mary’s Hockey in September 2022. Ms Boran

Congratulations to all who participated in Walk on Wednesdays

WoW! You can walk all of the way or you can get dropped off a kilometre from school and walk the rest of the way. There are lots of great reasons to Walk On Wednesday. Its good for the environment. Its good for your health. Its good fun to talk to your friends on the way. You’ll also help reduce traffic congestion outside the school. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow everybody. Remember to Walk on Wednesday.

Coláiste Dhúlaigh Open Night, Today Tuesday 5th April

Coláiste Dhúlaigh College of Further Education is hosting an Information Evening today, Tuesday, April 5th from 4.30 - 7pm on our Coolock campus. Staff and students will be available to answer any questions about our courses and progression routes to Higher Education. www.cdcfe.ie


TY Adventures this week. Lighthouse Cinema, Collin's Barracks, Rediscovery Centre and Rowing in Phoenix Park!

6th year students versus teachers Basketball match

Congratulations to all who participated last week during Friendship Week. The PE department organised a Basketball match between sixth year students and teachers.

Weekly Sports Timetable

Please see the attached Timetable for our Sports Clubs https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/9013_20220401130812.pdf

LC P.E. Performance Assessment

Well done to our LCPE 6th year students on completing their 30% Performance Assessment for the LC. Even though this is the third year of the new course nationwide, this years leaving certs, including our St Mary's students are history makers as the first ones to complete the PA due to covid restrictions in the past.

Art Exhibition 2022

This is art exhibition that is open to all students and staff using any medium and form of expression of their choice (photography, drawing digital or traditional, writing, documentation of make-up art, hair art, cooking, gardening etc.) Submissions should be made to the art department by Friday April 1st. The title was suggested by 5th year art students and will be curated by them between Friday and Monday. https://bc25bacccc1520c3bd8c-ddf4d0d63af104236052ea77b45c1cfd.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/8776_20220329143005.pdf

TY Rowing

Our TY students got a fabulous day last week for their rowing adventure on the River Liffey

French Breakfast

The 2nd and 3rd Year French classes had a delicious French breakfast on Thursday – ‘des croissants délicieux avec du Nutella’, washed down with some ‘jus d’orange’. On s’est trés bien amusé!

Payment Reminder - 2nd year Wellbeing Trip

A final reminder to please pay for your daughter's upcoming Wellbeing Trip to Bounce n Beyond. This is payable via the school app. Many thanks.