Parents’ Association – Ebooks

Parents’ Association – Ebooks


The Parents Association have been looking at ebooks over the last year. (2012-2013) We started on this venture from a wish to lighten the schoolbags and this has led us to a whole new world that schools are already embracing around the country.  This would mean an end to text books and all learning would be on a portable device such as an ipad or notebook with books being downloaded to the devices.  The Parents Association together with Ms Murphy, Deputy Principal, and teachers met with Folens and Edco, (pictures below) the two main companies heading the sale of ebooks to schools.  It was agreed that this was a very enlightening evening.  The presentations were excellent, especially Edco, and teachers and parents were impressed at the presentations and excited by the technology.  We are now very aware that other schools are already using this technology and that when students now go to college this is their tool of learning.  Ms Murphy and Ms Byrne have put together a comprehensive document covering costs/books/technology.  This is very exciting exploration and we look forward to future developments in this area.